MNTL Magnetic Tile

Magnetic tiles with a new design and stronger magnet have arrived! MNTL is a must-have addition to your child’s playtime! 

MNTL has been creating high quality magnetic tiles since 2015. MNTL patented star design makes tiles more visually appealing to children and their bigger magnet tiles allow children to build larger and more stable structures.

MNTL Magnetic tiles are a perfect open-ended resource for introducing STEAM concepts into your child’s crucial developmental years. It helps to stimulate children's creativity and imagination, improve motor skill development, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination - all through PLAY! 

In addition to being great fun, MNTL also gives children pride and joy in creating something different every time! From creating castles, animals, rockets to vehicles and more, children surprise not only others with their creativity, but also themselves.  The older the child gets, the richer the creation. From 2D to 3D and from flat shapes to tall towers, MNTL grows with each stage of a child's development.

Let your child’s imagination run wild with our amazing MNTL Magnetic Tiles!